Dr. Ian Smith joins Jetson as Chief Medical Advisor

Today I have a HUGE announcement that has been in the works for quite some time. We are excited to welcome Dr. Ian Smith as Jetson's official Chief Medical Advisor!  Since we’re pretty casual around here, we’ll call him Dr. Ian

Dr. Ian and I share many passions - in fact, it might be hard to tell us apart sometimes.  For example, Dr. Ian graduated from Harvard, got his Masters in Science Education from Columbia, attended medical school at Dartmouth, and graduated from the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago.  Dr. Ian has written 15 bestselling books, including the 8 New York Times bestsellers like Shred, Clean 20 and his latest, Clean and Lean.   So you know - we’re basically twins except for the Harvard, Columbia,  Dartmouth and 15 bestseller parts. (Fun fact - he actually does have an identical twin, who I’m convinced he sends when he’s not in the mood to hang out with me).

Beyond his books, you may recognize Dr. Ian from his current side-gig as the medical contributor and co-host of The Rachael Ray Show.  In another shocking parallel between Dr. Ian and me, I was on Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution and NBC’s School Pride.  Sure, neither lasted long, but I blame that mostly on Jaime’s funny accent and the fact that most people didn’t really like their high school. 

While Dr. Ian’s educational credentials are obviously impressive, what I’m most excited about is his ability to connect with everyday Americans to advance their health in meaningful ways. He, like me, focuses on scientifically-validated and achievable lifestyle habits to make all Americans healthier. 

Dr. Ian and I are teaming up (like the Doublemint twins) on Jetson because we both believe that the era of fad-dy diets and miracle pills needs to end. 

We will work with leading scientists and labs to push the envelope around gut health and its relationship to overall health.  We will translate these findings into actions you can take every day with as little mumbo-jumbo as possible. 

I am incredibly excited to have Dr. Ian join our Jetson family and help get Americans healthier!  And if you occasionally mix us up, don't worry, it happens.



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