Dig Our Science

The idea behind supplementing probiotics for a healthy gut isn’t new — but Jetson’s approach to it is. Our objective is to put in the work of keeping up with the latest science, and incorporate those findings into our products in as close to real-time as we can get. No one else in the pharma world is crazy enough to do this because it’s hard, expensive, and stressful. We just happen to believe it’s the only way probiotics should be made.

Our Process
While other probiotics brands create their product once and likely never again, our formulators literally never stop — because scientific curiosity never stops. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Scour peer-reviewed medical journals and publications to understand the latest research around probiotic strains
  • Work with scientists and formulators to understand the potential impacts of these new strains in the body
  • Find the best sources for these bacteria anywhere they exist on the planet
  • Make them in small batches so we can change the formulations as science gets smarter
  • Listen to our customers to gauge the efficacy of the product — and then start all over again!

Moving at the Speed of Science
While we can type away all day and tell you why proBs are good for your gut, the reality is that we don’t yet know everything there is to know about these little bugs. Get this: A decade or so ago, when researchers started getting hip to the benefits of proBs, there were maybe two studies released each month. This year alone, we’re sifting through more than 1,800 probiotics studies — and it’s only June! So why are so many scientists interested in probiotics?

The primary reason is the gut has become a key area of focus as it relates to regulating overall health - which means funding is flowing for scientists to dive deeply into what probiotics can do to benefit our bodies. Whereas before proBs were looked at primarily as a way to aid digestion and to regulate bowel movements, we’re now seeing dozens of health conditions that are linked to an out-of-sync gut brought on by modern life. At Jetson, we consider it part of our job to keep up.

The Benefits
Technically, we can’t claim that taking this pill will kill your asthma. That’s because the FDA doesn’t allow companies to make claims without a gauntlet of clinical trials — and honestly, this is for pretty good reason. But here’s the thing: if you’re taking a proB already, wouldn’t you want to take one that had the potential of other great health benefits, beyond just pooping? And while we can’t claim that our proBs have links to minimizing postpartum depression, if you’re into the idea of taking proBs, why not take one that might potentially make you happier, in general?

There are tons of other benefits of our particular strains of probiotics that we, as Jetson, will share with you based on the research across the globe. That’s kind of our whole point here: to push the envelope to help people actually get healthier — not just feel healthier. Ready to meet our bugs? We thought you’d never ask.

Meet Some of Our Strains
As mentioned above, we’re constantly scouring new studies for beneficial strains that might make the cut to our next batch. Meanwhile, following are a few of our Seasonal Probiotics’ greatest hits:

Bifidobacterium Bifidum Bb-06

  • Demonstrated effects on “abdominal adiposity” (weight loss) and increased antioxidant activity
  • Significant human trials showing an increase in antioxidants and a lowering of plasma cholesterol — both concluded to demonstrate anti-aging potential

Bacillus Coagulans (SNZ1969)

  • Fascinating study around blood pressure reduction, bad-cholesterol reduction, an increase in testosterone in men, and a positive change in weight
  • A linkage between mood and depression, and positive gut health
Beyond the individual strains, we’re tracking work from Harvard and Johns Hopkins focusing on things like:
Watch this space: We’ll continue to update the “Our Strains” portion of this page as we discover new ways to keep you and your gut feeling good.